Harmony Partners with Miracle Universe

Blockchain company Harmony is partnering with Miracle Universe to help support the evolution of the next generation of gaming in Web 3

Harmony Partners with Miracle Universe

Harmony is excited to announce a partnership with Miracle Universe, a decentralised Web3 game publisher, based in London, and serving game developers worldwide.

Miracle Universe helps game developers with technology, finance and funding, tokenisation/NFT, game design, game distribution and more.

Monte Singman, the founder of Miracle Universe, is a 36-year veteran in gaming. He worked on franchises including Madden, Street Fighter and Test Drive. He also brought Monument Valley, Toy Blast, GardenScapes and Sonic Dash to the Chinese markets. Singman's expertise adds value not only to Harmony but also to all game developers working with the company, which will benefit from his long, focused experience in gaming.

Experience and expertise

As Harmony seeks to publish more games, partnering with like-minded studios is a key part of its strategy. Harmony and Miracle Universe are a perfect fit because of the quality of titles they have under management, the readiness of those titles to be put on chain, their capabilities in helping game developers, and, of course, the chance to work with Singman himself.

We need to empower game developers and gamers to co-create the next generation of gaming, in Web3
Monte Singman

"Harmony is very excited to partner with Miracle Universe and to be working with someone of Monte’s calibre and experience," said Stephen Tse, founder and CEO, of Harmony. “As a developer himself, he knows the needs and challenges they face in the gaming industry and we look forward to partnering with him as Harmony and Miracle Universe puts developers and their players first."

“Since the beginning, the video game industry has been thriving on innovation, and the stagnation of creativity comes from regurgitating previous work,” said Monte Singman, founder and CEO of Miracle Universe. “We need to empower game developers and gamers to co-create the next generation of gaming, in Web3."

About Miracle Universe

Miracle Universe is a Web3 game publisher which provides technical, financial and publishing support. Central to Miracle Universe offerings will be essential game design guidance to ensure developers can take their most powerful gameplay elements to the world of Web3.

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