Square Enix launches Dive In game streaming service in Japan

How to get Final Fantasy VII on your mobile

Square Enix launches Dive In game streaming service in Japan

Square Enix has revealed it will be launching a mobile streaming app called Dive In, giving gamers the ability to stream and play certain titles on a multitude of devices via wifi.

The new service, which supports iOS and Android, will make its debut in Japan on 9 October 2014.

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, and The Cherry Blossom Murders will be available upon launch, while players will be able to purchase Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant in November.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in December.

The price is right

Games will be priced using a rental model, meaning players who want to spend more time with a game will have to shell out more cash.

For example, it will cost 250 yen (around $2.50) to rent Final Fantasy XIII for three days, 510 yen for ten days, 1250 yen for a month, and 1800 (around $17) for a year.

Older games will cost less, however, and for those fans who love to play through games in one long, glorious weekend, Square Enix’s new service should provide a great opportunity to get some critically-adored games on the cheap - as long as you live in Japan.

[source: Square Enix via TouchArcade]

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