Samsung to cut off phone call and messaging services for Galaxy Note 7 in New Zealand

South Korean company takes further lengths to get users to exchange phones

Samsung to cut off phone call and messaging services for Galaxy Note 7 in New Zealand

Samsung is to cut off network services for all Galaxy Note 7 devices in New Zealand as part of measures to stop people using the phones.

The South Korean company has stopped manufacturing the devices after a recall and the release of a new model failed to eliminate the problems causing the phone to explode.

No more calls

Though Samsung has previously urged owners to return the phone for a replacement or refund, it’s now taking things a step further in New Zealand by discontinuing network services from November 18th.

This means customers will no longer be able to make calls, use data or send text messages.

"We strongly urge any customers still using their Note7 to return their device to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement," read a statement from Samsung.

"Between November 4th to 18th, we will contact our customers on at least two separate occasions with information about this network discontinuation event to ensure they have received adequate notice. We would like to thank our Note 7 customers for their patience and understanding."

Samsung has already released a compulsory update to limit Galaxy Note 7 charges to 60% in an attempt to alleviate the phone's problems while users return their devices.

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