Apple investing $507 million in China as it plans to open two more R&D centres

How much R&D can one company do?

Apple investing $507 million in China as it plans to open two more R&D centres

Apple has revealed plans to open two new research & development centres in Shanghai and Suzhou and is investing 3.5 billion yuan ($507 million) in the country.

The new centres are part of Apple's efforts to grow its presence in China by working with local technology firms. Its new developments will then be used to target the local market, as well as improve Apple devices worldwide.

The company is also working with local schools and universities to nurture talent in the area. It has established internship programs to develop skills and keep an eye on the best potential hires out there.

Excellent talent

"We are looking forward to working with more local partners and academic institutions through the expansion of R&D centers in China," said Dan Riccio, senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple.

"We are honored to have excellent talent and positive entrepreneurial spirit in China and the developers and suppliers here to work together to make our business in this market flourish. "

Apple already has plans to build a $45 million R&D centre in Beijing, and a second in Shenzen. It is also currently in talks to begin manufacturing in India.


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