PUBG Corp and NetEase settle the battle royale cloning dispute

Two rival battle royale giants choose to settle the PUBG / Knives Out cloning dispute peacefully

PUBG Corp and NetEase settle the battle royale cloning dispute

PUBG Corp and NetEase have moved to settle their respective suit and countersuit regarding the alleged copyright infringement of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

But this weekend, McArthur Law Firm reported that the back and forth between the two bitter battle royale rivals had come to a close. While no details were given, the firm suggests keeping track of any future changes to NetEase’s entries.

“PUBG and NetEase have now settled the entire litigation and are in the process of dismissing the lawsuit,” said McArthur Law Firm.

“While we may never know the full details of the confidential settlement, we should keep a close eye on both KO and ROS in the coming months to see if any substantive changes are made to the games to differentiate themselves from PUBG.”

Give it a rest

NetEase was the target of a lawsuit last April after PUBG Corp alleged its games, Knives Out and Rules of Survival, were shameless clones of Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene’s hit.

The publisher fired back with a counter-suit, claiming PUBG Corp’s legal attacks were a “shameless attempts” at taking complete control of the genre.

It’s a hard argument to deny, as at the time PUBG Corp was also engaged in an ultimately-dropped legal battle against Fortnite developer (and PUBG’s engine partner) Epic Games.

Ultimately, however, NetEase seems to have come out on top. Knives Out was the biggest mobile battle royale in 2018 with $465 million in revenue.

The company is primed to make lightning strike twice, beating Fortnite to mobile in China with its own Fortcraft.

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