Genshin Impact scaling beyond mobile highlighted as defining industry milestone in Niko Partners' Gametech report

The latest cross-platform report goes into the current state of gaming technology with mobile playing an increasing part in pushing tech forward.

Genshin Impact scaling beyond mobile highlighted as defining industry milestone in Niko Partners' Gametech report

Niko Partners, a market research and consulting firm, recently broke down how gaming pushes technology forward in their Gametech report, which has a prominent mention of the mobile gaming industry. The company specialises in covering video games, esports and streaming in the Asia and Middle East regions, two emerging and massively important markets for the mobile gaming world.

The report opens by explaining some of the history of games. Notably, one event they highlight as important is MiHoYo, one of our Top 50 Mobile Makers of 2022 and their publishing of Genshin Impact. As they note, this game is famously scaled across multiple platforms, not just mobile becomming a prime example of how AAA quality has been pushed onto mobile and scaled across other platforms.


The report highlights the, “-symbiotic relationship between the video games industry and the development of technology.” In particular, it notes how Asia is an “excellent case study,” as it possesses more than 55% of PC and mobile gamers while traditional consoles are much lower in usage in this region. Although we often associate the rise of gaming with major consoles such as the NES, Sega Genesis or even as far back as the Atari 2800, we too often forget that the accessibility of PC, and especially mobile, have been making inroads to audiences that the console wars passed by.

Another key takeaway is how we can see mobile changing to accommodate gamers. Now, even with the rise of cloud gaming and 5G connectivity making streaming of graphics and entire games feasible, “The rise in gaming on mobile has led to the creation of dedicated mobile GPUs, multitouch input via software and hardware, high refresh rate displays, larger batteries and cooling systems, all of which work in tandem to provide superior gaming performance.” It’s less than two decades since mobile games were simple 2D, maybe comparable to 8 or 16-bit games but now, as with Genshin Impact, they can match any console in visual appeal and complexity.

The next level

Although it may be tempting to think of the information in a purely detached and business ways, it’s also key to see where “Gametech” can benefit society as a whole. “In March of 2022, the Department of Education of the Republic of the Philippines launched Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) Mobile Pilot,” the report mentions, before going into detail about how esports are being used to teach English in Japan and support education.

Mobile is a key factor, as tablets and smartphones are used the world over. This democratisation of game access is a major factor in the change of technology, and it can be a source of education as well as entertainment.

Mobile gaming has often not been given its due credit, but with moblie now providing the largest portion of gaming revenue and companies such as Nvidia prominently integrating touch controls into their GeForce Now service and games, it’s clear that mobile is no longer a gaming afterthought.

For many audiences, mobile gaming is the only way they engage with games, with current predictions stating that 60% of all profits will come from mobile and as players demand greater playability, features and graphical fidelity, technology seems all set to push forward and accommodate.

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