Krafton opens pre-registration for India exclusive Garuda Saga

Eager to appease local regulators, equipped with a bow and arrow, Garuda must vanquish enemies and perfect his skills and powers to succeed

Krafton opens pre-registration for India exclusive Garuda Saga

Krafton has unveiled a new India-themed mobile game called Garuda Saga, which was developed in collaboration with South Korean game development studio Alchemist Games

Garuda Saga is an Indian tapestry-inspired rogue-like adventure game that allows players to forge their own destinies through choice-driven gameplay that “promises visually stunning and captivating experiences," according to Krafton.

The BGMI developer also states that Garuda Saga will cater to “both hardcore and casual gamers" as players embark on an adventure as Garuda, determined to reclaim his mentor's kingdom and uncover the mysteries of his past.

Developing for the Indian market

This rogue-like adventure game will see players control Garuda, aiding King Allu's escape from the underworld across 19 chapters with up to 15 multi-wave levels each. Equipped with a bow and arrow, Garuda must vanquish enemies and master his skills and powers to succeed.

The creation and release of Garuda Saga may be a strategic move by Krafton to mend ties with Indian authorities after previous challenges. By delivering a culturally relevant game, they're ticking all the boxes with Indian authorities and creating a far more favourable environment than their previously fractious relationship that saw PUBG and subsequent India-only spin-off BGMI be pulled from stores before being reinstated.

It's clear that - with BGMI such a money-spinner for Krafton - that the company are keen to avoid any such misunderstandings in the future and regain trust and rebuild and reputation within the Indian gaming market.

Pre-registrations for Garuda Saga are now open on both the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices in India. Indian users who pre-register will receive exclusive rewards, including a special award and a unique starter pack upon the game's launch. 


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