Halfbrick and iDreamsky bring a new version of Fruit Ninja to Tencent's mobile platform

Locked into QQ and WeChat users

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September 10th, 2014 partnership Halfbrick Studios
Not disclosed
Halfbrick and iDreamsky bring a new version of Fruit Ninja to Tencent's mobile platform

Given its power in the Chinese mobile game market, it's no surprise that Tencent is the company everyone wants to jump into bed with.

The latest company to pull off a successful coupling is the just-floated iDreamsky (NASDAQ:DSKY), which has just announced a new version of Fruit Ninja has launch on across Tencent's QQ and Weixin (known as WeChat internationally) social networks.

Working with developer Halfbrick, iDreamsky originally bought a localised version of Fruit Ninja to China in 2013, something that was incredibly successful with over 400 million downloads.

A new way to slice

The new Fruit Ninja for Tencent game - which is available now for Android with iOS to follow - builds on the social stickiness of the Weixin and QQ platforms with strong social features to encourage competition between friends.

As can be seen from the artwork, it's also been heavily modified to appeal to Chinese tastes.

"With the source code we acquired from the game developer and our strong R&D capabilities, we have redesigned this groundbreaking game specifically for the Tencent platform, and integrated it into their massive mobile social networking platform and their various payment systems," said iDreamsky CEO Michael Chen.

"This collaboration will allow us to access and monetize Tencent's massive user base, and further build our brand awareness in a rapidly growing market."

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