Halfbrick Studios terminates China distribution agreement with iDreamSky

Looking for a partner with "greater transparency"

Halfbrick Studios terminates China distribution agreement with iDreamSky

Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick Studios has terminated its China distribution agreement with mobile game publisher iDreamSky.

The agreement was established in March 2014 and saw iDreamSky creating and distributing a Chinese-language version of Fruit Ninja and other Halfbrick games throughout China.

The agreement has now been terminated as of December 20th 2016. All rights have been transferred back to Halfbrick, which is now seeking a new partner to distribute its games in the region.

Greater transparency

"We are looking for a partner that can provide greater transparency in terms of reporting and accountability," said Halfbrick CEO, Shainiel Deo.

"We are keen to find partners who share our vision for the future of the Fruit Ninja brand and look forward to hearing from them."

Halfbrick notes that a new Fruit Ninja IP will be made part of the new agreement. It is likely referring to Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition, which was built for the Amazon Appstore's first casual eSports event.


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