Games on Kakao can now use Tapjoy's monetisation platform

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Games on Kakao can now use Tapjoy's monetisation platform
With over 90 million users, mobile messaging service KakaoTalk is a big deal in Korea.

Games that support KakaoTalk through its gaming platform are super viral, with titles such as Anipang and Dragon Flight ranked highly on the Korean top grossing chart.

More generally, on iOS, seven of the top 10 grossing games in Korea are on the Kakao Games platform; on Android, Kakao games make up eight of the top 10 games.

Indeed, the company says that Kakao games are currently generating around $40 million per month.

And now, thanks to support from Tapjoy's advertising and incentivised download system, there'll be more opportunities to make more money.

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"With its KakaoTalk and Kakao Games platform, Kakao is at the forefront of emerging trends in the industry, and we cannot wait to help them and their partner developers grow even further," said Steve Wadsworth, Tapjoy's CEO and president.

"We are excited to join hands with global advertisement platform Tapjoy to provide our game partners with an additional source of revenue," said a Kakao spokesperson.

"The partnership will help provide developers with a stable source of revenue, while heightening user's game experience by providing new game items that can be earned through Tapjoy's rewarded advertisements."

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