Puzzle & Dragons hits 25 million downloads milestone in Japan

Next up Puzzle & Dragons W

Puzzle & Dragons hits 25 million downloads milestone in Japan

There's no stopping GungHo's massively successful Puzzle & Dragons, which has just passed the 25 million download total in Japan.

The total is across iOS, Google Play and Amazon and comes after a string of tie-ins that involved everything from Hello Kitty, Yoplait Yoghurt, Angry Birds, Batman: Arkham Origins, to Clash of Clans.

Puzzle & Dragons was also revealed as the first mobile game to generate over $1 billion in revenue - all in just two short years.

Nothing puzzling here

After hitting 20 million downloads in early October, Puzzle & Dragons increased its install base at a rate of roughly one million per month. Crossing from 24 million to 25 million players, for example, took GungHo a matter of only 29 days.

The game also has multiple millions of players outside of Japan, with the US and UK, in particular, being strong markets - as considered in a recent Charticle

And next up, GungHo is transforming it into Puzzle & Dragons W: a combination of two play modes, including the original game and a second mode which strips away the dungeon exploration to focus on puzzles.

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