Castle Clash's continued success drives IGG's FY14 Q2 sales up 8% to $48 million

Single game accounts for 65% of total revenues

Castle Clash's continued success drives IGG's FY14 Q2 sales up 8% to $48 million

Singapore-headquartered game publisher IGG (HKG:8002) has announced its unaudited consolidated results for FY14 H1, the six months ending 30 June 2014.

Revenue was $91.9 million, up 219 percent year-on-year.

The main driver of this performance was mobile hit Castle Clash, which generated 65 percent of IGG's sales during the period, mainly on Google Play.

During May, a version of the game was released in China via Tencent's mobile platform.

In total, 82 percent of revenues came from mobile games.

Net income was $33.7 million, up 368 percent year-on-year.

IGG ended the quarter with cash and equivalents worth $104 million.

Quarter still rising

Breaking out details for the Q2 period, revenue was $47.8 million, up 8 percent quarter-on-quarter.

Net income was $19.2 million, up 44 percent quarter-on-quarter.

Castle Clash  is generating around 10 million dollars a month

IGG announced an interim dividend of $9.8 million.

A new link

Although based in Singapore, the bulk of IGG's 754 staff are located in China (607), while it also has offices in the Philippines, the US and Canada, where it's set up a new development studio and owns the Tapcash marketing outfit.

Alongside Castle Clash, IGG's next best performing mobile title is Clash of Lords II, which generates around $2.3 million per month.

Indeed, across all titles and platforms, IGG games have 16.7 million monthly active players with a cummulative total of 160 million registered accounts.

In terms of building on its success, IGG has various new games in development, including card-based strategy title Deck Heroes, combat strategy game Clash of Gangs, and browser MMOG Galaxy Online 3.

IGG is also publishing Chinese developer Taomee's Brave Trials.

More surprising, perhaps, is the news that the company is working on an online messaging service. Called Link Messenger, it's been designed to improve communications between mobile gamers.

[source: IGG]

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