Nexon passes on Turbo's Super Senso, leaving GungHo to sign publishing deal

All change

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April 8th, 2016 license GungHo Online Entertainment
Turbo Studios
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Nexon passes on Turbo's Super Senso, leaving GungHo to sign publishing deal

In an interesting move, Japanese giant GungHo Online has signed up publishing rights for Super Senso, the debut game from New York startup Turbo Studios.

What's significant about this is that rival Japanese/Korea publisher Nexon originally announced it had "exclusive worldwide publishing rights" to the Advance Wars-inspired title back in 2014.

Super Senso was originally scheduled for a 2015 release and has been in beta testing and soft launch for the past couple of months.

All change

It's not clear why this switch has happened.

One reason would be that GungHo - which generates the majority of its revenues from its declining core Japanese players of Puzzle & Dragons - paid Nexon big cash for a western-developed game it thinks will be a hit.

Super Senso fulfills all the current buzzwords, featuring turn-based battles, and being heavily PVP-focused.

That seems unlikely though.

More likely, thanks to its own hit games such as DomiNations, combined with Super Senso's delay, Nexon decided to walk away from the original contract, leaving the opportunity open for GungHo to step in.

In addition, GungHo investor Softbank is also an investor in Turbo Studios.

[source: GungHo Online America]

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