Turbo's Super Senso finally has a concrete release date after nearly four years in development

GungHo will still act as publisher

Turbo's Super Senso finally has a concrete release date after nearly four years in development

Brooklyn-based mobile developer Turbo Studios is finally ready to release its first ever game Super Senso after nearly four years in development.

Super Senso is a turn-based strategy game featuring giant cartoon-styled robots. It also focuses on synchronous, ranked PvP matches to draw in a core crowd.

"After the soft-launch overseas in 2016 and subsequent Best of App Store awards in those territories, we’re excited to finally announce that Super Senso’s now primed for its official North American launch," said Yohei Ishii, Turbo’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

"The amazing player reception so far proves that there’s an unmet appetite in the market for an accessible, synchronous, turn-based strategy game suited for mobile play sessions, while still offering the depth and competition that more niche, hardcore players crave."

Took its time

The game has seen a somewhat troubled and delayed development. It was originally set to be published by Nexon, with a planned release date of 2015.

It quietly missed this launch date, subsequently ending up in the hands of GungHo in April 2016 as it started its first soft-launch. All word of a release date disappeared.

Then the game was suddenly pulled from soft launch and beta in July 2016 as Turbo continued development on it. Players who had made in-app purchases were offered the ability to carry their purchases over to the title's full launch.

Now Super Senso has a firm release date of April 27th 2017, and remains with GungHo as its publisher. It will launch on both iOS and Android simultaneously.


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