SNK Playmore dropping Playmore name on December 1st

Going back to basics

SNK Playmore dropping Playmore name on December 1st

SNK Playmore is dropping the latter half of its name and becoming SNK Corporation once again on December 1st 2016.

The Playmore brand will be removed from everything SNK related. The company website and all emails associated with it will be reverted to SNK Corporation.

The change in branding is being made to play on SNK's classic brand and licenses in order to revitalise the company. It is hoped that returning to the company origins will appeal to the company's fans while drawing in new players.

Know your roots

SNK Corporation was acquired by Playmore in 2001. The Playmore brand was rebranded as SNK Playmore to make use of the acquired branding and attract gamers back.

However, Playmore is now ditching the branding entirely. It began back in April 2016, when it removed the Playmore brand from the company logo.


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