Nexon soft-launches card-based PvP game MapleStory Blitz

Takes the themes of the MMO and uses them for another purpose

Nexon soft-launches card-based PvP game MapleStory Blitz

Nexon has soft-launched its mobile take on hugely-popular MMORPG MapleStory with the card-based PvP title MapleStory Blitz.

The game was soft-launched on November 10th on Android and iOS in Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It has received one update so far.

MapleStory Blitz takes the themes of the MMO franchise and instead makes it a Clash Royale-esque card-based MOBA with three lanes. It will focus on real-time PvP matches for its core gameplay.

Build it up

As with similar games, players will need to build up a deck of cards and choose the ones which suit their playstyle to take into battle. These cards can also be levelled up to make them even stronger.

MapleStory Blitz is one of nine games in Nexon's current pipeline. The company is also working on a mobile edition of Dungeon&Fighter for China, and is launching OVERHIT in Korea some time in November 2017.


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