Detective Pikachu becomes highest grossing video game film

Warcraft drops from top spot after the Pokemon movie generates $436m at the box office

Detective Pikachu becomes highest grossing video game film

Detective Pikachu has become the most successful movie ever based on a video game.

Grossing a total of $436 million, the film earned more than double what the first Pokemon movie did in 1997 which grossed $172.7 million.

Knocked off top was the Duncan Jones-directed Warcraft, which fell to second for box office revenue. Grossing a total of $433.7 million, generating $213.5 million from China.

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Well received by critics, Detective Pikachu has also taken over Warcraft, Rampage and Alicia Vikanders’ Tomb Raider on Rotten Tomatoes to become the best-received video game film to date.

Rob Letterman, known for his work with Goosebumps and Shark Tale, headed the writing team. The team's background included Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

Motion Pictures, the visual effects group behind the CGI for Detective Pikachu, is an Oscar-nominated company, winning on two separate occasions for its work on The Life of Pi and The Jungle Book.

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