Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #2 is coming, and you can get involved

Are you ready for takeoff?

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #2 is coming, and you can get involved

Hi everybody, I'm Dann Sullivan, the editor of' consumer-facing counterpart,

In my role as the editor of Pocket Gamer and as an occasional judge of our Big Indie Pitches, I’m lucky enough to see an astonishing amount of amazing games before they launch. However, despite our best efforts, it’s always a struggle to truly represent the amazing variety of games being worked on every day. The Pocket Gamer LaunchPad series of events gives us an opportunity to celebrate the best of mobile gaming; As well as get games and updates in front of an engaged public, weeks or even months before they would otherwise see it.

It’s great for us as it cements our place as experts, it’s great for the viewers as they see a finely curated burst of news about the greatest games and updates, and it’s great for developers and publishers because you get your games shown at hot points in the mobile gaming calendars… and, as I said, it’s mobile-only, so there’s no console or PC games trying to elbow mobile out of the limelight.

Our next event is Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #2 in early November (12-14), our first event was absolutely phenomenal with several million impressions on our Twitch streams and over 40 million impressions on social media. Not only that, but our dozens of daily posts will be rounded up into daily streams which will also be circulated around our partners, including sites such as The Escapist, Destructoid and Nintendo Enthusiast.

With Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #2 we're looking to showcase mobile games of all shapes and sizes, giving developers the chance to get their concepts, updates and games in front of audiences ahead of a full launch. It's not just new games though - if you're still maintaining an existing game, or on the cusp of releasing a new update then we want to hear about it too.

So, if you, your accounts or your clients have you've got any updates, or announcements, planned over the next while then maybe we could work together for the next Launchpad.

We've not just got some great sponsorship packages available, which can be found in our media pack, but we've also got a multitude of slots during each day which are kept at the low price of free. We want to celebrate the best that mobile can offer - and that means that we can't ignore those who have financial limitations.

Details on the event can be found on our PG LaunchPad page, including a link to a form where you can jot down some ideas. Alternatively, drop me an email and we can talk about ways to get you involved with what is sure to be yet another massive milestone for the mobile gaming calendar.