Apple is preparing to remove more apps from the Chinese App Store

Continuing from the ISBN issues earlier this year

Apple is preparing to remove more apps from the Chinese App Store

Apple is geared up to boot thousands of games from its Chinese App Store.

According to The Wall Street Journal, via, Chinese app developers have until December 31st to provide proof of a government license. Otherwise, they will be chopped from the App Store.

Earlier this year, Apple revealed that it would be forced to remove any game or app from its storefront that does not have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Back in July, in just one week, more than 2,500 apps were removed following Apple's change in approach to restrictions in China. Moreover, games without an ISBN were to be purged on August 1st.

Decisions, decisions

However, Apple does not always agree when government bodies ask for apps to be removed.

"Apple studies these requests carefully whenever we receive them, and we contest and disagree with them often," said Apple.

"Though the final decisions sometimes run contrary to our wishes, we believe that our customers are best served when we remain in the country providing them access to products that promote self-expression with world-class privacy protections."

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