Apple to reject any games without an ISBN in China from July 2020

Rumoured crackdown now looks set in stone

Apple to reject any games without an ISBN in China from July 2020

Apple will abide by all regulations and laws on game products to run its App Store in China.

As reported by GameLook (via Google Translate), from July 2020, Apple will not be able to approve any new games for its storefront if it doesn't have an ISBN.

Earlier this year, Apple updated its terms and conditions for developers, and it claimed the studios would have until June 30th to submit the version number for its title.

"According to Chinese law, games need to obtain the approval number issued by the General Administration of the People's Republic of China. Please provide the approval number of any paid games released in the mainland or games that can provide in-app purchases by June 30th, 2020," said Apple.


Last year, iOS games generated ¥83.5 billion ($11.8 billion) in revenue in China, which is 52 per cent of the total ¥158.1 billion ($22.3 billion) earnings that country saw in the mobile games market in 2019.

App Store troubles in China is not the only issue Apple has to worry about right now, as they are being sued over having games with loot boxes on the App Store. However, the popularity of its mobile devices in China is still high as it shipped 2.5 million iPhones in the country back in March.

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