On Off Games lands $1.5M investment from Mobavenue in Singapore

The newly secured investment will help the company grow, develop new hypercasual titles and reach new players

On Off Games lands $1.5M investment from Mobavenue in Singapore

Hyper-casual mobile game company On Off Games has raised $1.5 million from Singapore-based advertiser Mobavenue to strengthen its team of developers and artists as well as to enhance its impact on the gaming industry.

The newly secured investment is not only a strategic opportunity but is also a big step forward to help the company grow and develop new hyper-casual titles as it aims to reach new players.

Established in 2021 in Istanbul, Türkiye, On Off Games has developed dozens of mobile titles including Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters, Flash Action Master, Territorial Wars, and Cube Tangle. With a bold, original take for both technical and artistic aspects, the company's games are "designed to provide players with an immersive experience, encompassing visual and auditory elements".

Porting to other platforms

The company also believes that funding for Web3 projects will accelerate the development of its upcoming games and streamline the process of porting to various platforms, including Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games, and Nintendo.

Speaking to HC Games in an interview, On Off Games co-founder Eldar Satymov says, “We are committed to maximizing the opportunities provided by this investment and continue to make our mark in the gaming world through innovation and success. In collaboration with our partners, we are taking significant steps towards our mission of providing players with unforgettable experiences."

The company currently has a team of eight at their Istanbul studio that, “Simultaneously work on 3-4 projects." The co-founder went on to add that, “Every project has its deadline and expected standard quality. We very carefully hire our team members, making sure that their works will satisfy our quality expectations."

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