Mobile-exclusive MMO Avatar: Reckoning scrapped

Archosaur Games is now providing refunds to players who participated in the Philippines-limited CBT

Mobile-exclusive MMO Avatar: Reckoning scrapped

Video game developer Archosaur Games has pulled the plug on its upcoming Avatar: Reckoning mobile-exclusive MMO title citing “strategic adjustments".

As per a recent update on their official site, the company informed shareholders about the cancellation of Avatar: Reckoning's launch, due to, “The Company’s products and operations, after careful consideration."

Since its announcement in 2022, Reckoning has faced challenges throughout its development stages. Although it was initially set to be released by Tencent-owned publisher Level Infinite, the developer ended the deal and the developers were forced to take the self-publishing route in order to reach market.

An untimely end

The result was a Philippines-based closed beta test and it's this live project that's now being shelved along with any future plans for a wider release. The company is now providing refunds to players who participated in the Philippines-limited CBT.

Players who were able to get their hands on the game described it as a third-person FPS MMO with impressive graphics, skillfully capturing Pandora's world and the conflicts between the film series' main factions.

The Chinese game company recently initiated a share repurchase to reclaim an additional 10% of public shares, citing the company's good health as their incentive and an ideal moment to take more stock. According to AppMagic data, Dragon Raja, one of their most popular titles, has garnered nearly 17 million downloads outside of China.

Ultimately, it's unlikely we'll witness another closed beta for the game, especially considering its creation was mostly under former publisher Level Infinite. In addition, despite its high profile licence and brand recognition there seems little incentive or likelihood for players to successfully bring the project back.

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