Former DotEmu and Playdigious co-founder announces alternative app store finder StoreRider

Xavier Liard's latest aims to provide new ways for developers to distribute their apps outside traditional platforms

Former DotEmu and Playdigious co-founder announces alternative app store finder StoreRider

Mobile game distribution platform StoreRider has joined a growing list of alternative app store provisions on Android. The newly launched platform is designed to provide developers with additional revenue streams by optimising the distribution of paid and free-to-play mobile games.

The new company is led by Xavier Liard, former co-founder of DotEmu and Playdigious, and aims to allow developers to distribute their games outside the Google Play Store by connecting them with alternative app stores on Android devices.

Despite the existence of various alternative app stores, StoreRider is focused on providing a 360 service to distribute Android games through select channels. This involves overseeing multiple aspects of alternative distribution such as custom build development, marketing assets, upload, business development, technical support, and payments.

"Game developers often face challenges in identifying the right alternative stores and optimizing their presence, involving tasks like creating offline versions or integrating payment solutions. These processes can be time-consuming and generally unprofitable, something which StoreRider can mitigate," say the company.

“Our strategy at StoreRider involves being able to work with source code, enabling autonomy to provide added revenue to game owners that otherwise would not have been achieved due to lack of resources or other focus. We prioritize security and tailor our involvement to the game owner's preferences," said Liard.

A varied marketplace

The rise of alternative app stores on Android signals a shift in the mobile app distribution landscape. Platforms such as South Korea's One Store, Samsung's Galaxy App Store, and now StoreRider; contribute to this trend, offering developers expanded avenues and circumventing the fees associated with Google's Play Store.

Alternative app stores are very much on the rise. Instagram parent company Meta is also working on an app store of its own within Facebook and Microsoft are increasingly rumoured to be working on their own store project. This diversification not only provides developers with additional revenue streams but also introduces users to a more varied app marketplace.

StoreRider is currently publishing 10 games, including titles such as There is No Game from Draw Me A Pixel, and Out There: Omega from Mi Clos Studio, with more to follow.

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