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Chart of the Week: Putting Chinese mobile game revenues into context

Doesn't yet compare with US or Japan

Chart of the Week: Putting Chinese mobile game revenues into context
With the top top grossing spots in the App Store and Google Play static, Distimo's monthly app analysis has taken a more broad approach in August.

In particular, the market intelligence company has taken a look at the top 10 countries by app revenue.

Our place in the world

Of course, these positions are also fairly static, but it's good to remind ourselves that despite the rise of Asia, the US remains the most lucrative market.

Japan is close - and interestingly - Google Play is a much larger part of the market there.

Meanwhile, in third place, Korea is the only market where the majority of revenues come from Google Play.

Of course, we need to talk about China in this context.

Google Play isn't enabled on Chinese Android phones (at least in terms of generating sales) so all the Android revenue comes through carrier and other distribution channels; something Distimo doesn't (yet) measure.

G8 rules

As for the remainder of the top 10, their market breakdowns are broadly the same.

Don't ignore the slow rise of Google Play revenues on a global basis though.

As Distimo points out, while iOS revenues are increasing slowly, Google Play is up 50 percent in five months.

You can check out Distimo's full report for August 2013 here.
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