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Simplify the Chinese app publishing process and reach over a billion people with APPTUTTi

Get your game released in China

Simplify the Chinese app publishing process and reach over a billion people with APPTUTTi

For many industries like film, manufacturing, and of course technology, China has increasingly advanced to become a lucrative market over the past couple of years.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn therefore that it simply doesn’t make sense for app developers and their respective publishers to leave this opportunity on the table either.

Up until now, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the process of getting your app into the Chinese market would be a long and arduous one.

Enter APPTUTTi, a new software platform that makes it easier than ever to introduce your app to a fast-growing mobile app market of literally hundreds of millions.

China rising

Since 2015, China topped the rankings for being the largest Android store globally and this is only a factor set to continue in the upcoming years ahead.

Whether your app has been developed for IOS, Android, or even both, APPTUTTi is the very first online portal specifically designed to make the lives of non-Chinese developers who wish to reach an otherwise untapped audience just that little bit easier.

This simplified and understandable process removes the need to contact Chinese publishers directly, removing any hassle that may come because of the additional leg work. You can spend more time making your app the best it can be, instead of worrying unnecessarily.

It’s easy to make use of APPTUTTi’s streamlined portal services using a simple four-step process

It all begins with registration. Registration is free from the very beginning with no hidden fees or costs, simply requiring you to sign up to APPTUTTi’s online partner resources portal and submit your chosen Android or IOS app there.

From here you’ll need to provide the team with your App’s APK package along with any other app-related information you intend to publish.

Providing it passes APPTUTTi’s pre-screening process they’ll ask you to plug in the relevant SDK(s) for integration with the AppID and AppKey, before finally publishing the app to an audience of millions. It’s as easy as registering, submitting, plugging, and finally publishing.

Stay on track

The APPTUTTi team’s professional service assistance are well equipped to inform and assist developers throughout every step of the submission process, helping you with every publishing aspect from translation to IP registration.

APPTUTTi is well equipped to inform and assist developers throughout every step of the submission process.

App uploads are unlimited and after uploading your first, you’ll never need to register in the future.

APPTUTTi’s services don’t just stop after the publication of the app however. Skilled and well-versed technical and business development teams always remain on hand to make the integration of your app into the Chinese market nothing short of a success.

Thanks to the sleekly designed simplicity of a dedicated management dashboard, devs will be able to more easily visualise the performance of their app, and a swift seven to 14 day turnaround means your app will be able to be enjoyed as fast as possible amongst the new market.

Unique data mining features and tools helps to give developers using APPTUTTi to gain a better sense of how well their respective app is performing within the Chinese market, helping you better tweak performance and monetise effectively where required.

Customers using APPTUTTi’s portal service are already describing the experience as “great” and “helpful”, with many praising the prompt email responses especially when urgent questions are in need of an answer.

The team at APPTUTTi has made it their mission to know the Chinese publishing process like the back of their hand. This includes the legality of such a procedure, meaning nothing need stand in the way of any app developer’s global reach.

So don’t deny yourself the opportunity of expanding into a much larger user market for your app, and register to APPTUTTi totally free of charge today.

If you’re an aspiring developer or app creator looking for a much easier way of publishing your app(s) on the Chinese App and Google Play stores, APPTUTTi just might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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