LINE signs up IGAWorks for its Free Coins platform

Linking advertisers with users buying virtual stickers

LINE signs up IGAWorks for its Free Coins platform

Commentators wondering how Facebook is going to monetise WhatsApp need look no further than Kakao, WeChat and LINE.

These mobile messaging services make the majority of their revenues through mobile games.

And for that reason, the networks have quickly developed a sophisticated marketing ecosystem.

That's something LINE, in particular, is looking to expand with its Free Coins incentivisation scheme.

Doing this for that

Launched in the summer of 2013, it works like Tapjoy or GetJar's services, which reward users with virtual currency for downloading games and participating in ad campaigns.

Of course, like central banks, platform holders can create this currency fiat. But it's always nicer to get someone else to pay, and that's where deals like that signed between South Korean outfit IGAWorks and LINE work out well for everyone.

As an advertising network, IGAWorks cuts deals with advertisers and game companies who want to promote their games and apps, with some of the campaign budget feeding into the LINE ecosystem to pay for whatever users are spending their virtual currency on.

In the case of LINE, its Free Coins are used to buy customisation stickers, which they'd otherwise have to spend cash to get.

LINE's Free Coins ad service is currently available via its Android app in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, with more countries being supported over the coming months.

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