DeNA on why western best practices don't work in Asia

Kenji Kobayashi on acting local

DeNA on why western best practices don't work in Asia

We all know Japan, China and South Korea are key mobile gaming markets.

But as DeNA's management director Kenji Kobayashi discussed at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2014, in their own ways, they are all difficult markets to crack.

In their own way, each is unique.

Thinking local

For example, the services that underpin western best practices - Google Play, App Store, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE etc - don't even operate in China.

You have to work with local partners and to local standards.

Similarly in Korea, Kakao is the big social platform but the power of publishers such as Com2uS, CJ E&M and WeMade is increasing in the local market.

Whereas in Japan, TV advertising is becoming a key - if very expensive - UA tool.

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