Tencent launches Steam Link-like mobile streaming app for WeGame

Users can stream PC games to their smartphones over Wi-Fi

Tencent launches Steam Link-like mobile streaming app for WeGame

Tencent has launched a new mobile streaming app for its PC storefront WeGame that lets users stream their desktop games to a mobile device over wi-fi.

The news was picked up by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, who tweeted that the app currently only supports League of Legends. By extension, that means users can also stream the new auto chess mode Teamfight Tactics too.

More games are expected to be supported through WeGame streaming soon.

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A video of the app in action shows League of Legends being activated on a smartphone, complete with touch controls.

The app is similar to Valve’s Steam Link, which also lets desktop users stream their games to Android and iOS devices.

That service however requires users to have a Steam Controller or other third-party / MFI (made for iPhone/iPad) controllers to play them.

This news shouldn’t be confused with a report in May that claimed Tencent and Riot Games are working to develop a mobile version of League of Legends.

Tencent has already found huge success in the MOBA space with its own title Honor of Kings, also known as Arena of Valor in the West.

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