Nintendo is consolidating its Tokyo offices and Game Freak might be tagging along

Reports indicate that the Pokemon developer is moving to the same area, if not the same building

Nintendo is consolidating its Tokyo offices and Game Freak might be tagging along

Nintendo is consolidating its Tokyo offices into one building and potentially bringing Pokemon developer Game Freak along with it.

During Nintendo's recent financial presentation, company president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed that the four offices the company currently has in Tokyo will be consolidated into one building. This new studio will be located in Chiyoda-ku, and is planned to increase operational efficiency.

At the same time, Nikkei (via Siliconera) has reported that Game Freak is moving into the exact same area. It is unclear if Game Freak is actually moving into the same building as Nintendo.

Keep your friends close

It would make sense for Game Freak to move in with Nintendo - it is, after all, the main developer of the Pokemon franchise. However, it's worth noting that Game Freak is an independent developer and does work on other IPs outside of Pokemon, and for platforms other than Nintendo's consoles.

Nintendo's financials also revealed that the company has sold over 52 million Switch units worldwide since launch, beating sales figures of its SNES console. The firm's mobile games are also estimated to have generated over $1 billion in revenue.

Game Freak partnered with The Pokemon Company and NetEase to launch a localised version of Pokemon Quest in China back in May 2019. It would be the first ever Pokemon mobile game to launch in the region.


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