KartRider Rush+ zooms to 10 million global downloads in two weeks

3.57 million daily active users

KartRider Rush+ zooms to 10 million global downloads in two weeks

Nexon's racer KartRider Rush+ has surpassed 10 million global downloads in its first two weeks of launch.

The South Korean publisher confirmed the milestone, stating that the game has made its way to the top of both the App Store and Google Play while accumulating 3.57 million daily active users.

Since the kart racer was announced, it was looking likely that the game would boost off the starting line, as pre-registrations exceeded three million in seven days.

New tracks

KartRider Rush+ features over 50 tracks and 20 karts, with a further three new tracks planned to join the lineup, including Dino Town, Namsan Tour, and The Bridge of Fate. A new character by the name of Dino Ethen will also be implemented.

The title is available to download on iOS and Android in multiple languages, such as English, Korean, Thai and Traditional Chinese.

KartRider Rush+ has become so popular that one of the writers on our sibling site has even found the game to be "far better than competitor Mario Kart Tour".

Nexon will be hoping the kart racer continues to perform after the publisher saw its revenue and profits decline with implications from Covid-19 taking effect.

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