Nexon has its best Q2 to date as it generates $610.4 million

"Nexon is performing exceptionally well"

Nexon has its best Q2 to date as it generates $610.4 million

Nexon experienced its best Q2 revenue to date as it was up 20 per cent year-on-year having earned ¥64.5 billion ($610.4 million).

The company has credited KartRider Rush+, MapleStory, and Dungeon&Fighter as key drivers for its success. The former of which proved to be popular when it launched in May; after having accumulated three million pre-registrations in one week, it rushed through 10 million installs in two weeks.

Due to the success of the mobile racer, Nexon has a strengthened belief that mobile expansion provides ample opportunity for its tent-pole franchises. Furthermore, the company will hope to see more success on its mobile front next quarter, as Mobile Dungeon&Fighter will launch in China after receiving 60 million pre-registrations.

Performing well

"Nexon is performing exceptionally well. Our tent-pole franchises are setting records for revenue, consumer engagement and longevity. These franchises are fueling our cash flow which, in turn, further strengthens our balance sheet, providing liquidity to invest in growth," said Nexon CEO and president Owen Mahoney.

"Our recently revised creative strategy calls for delivering fewer but bigger games onto fast-growing platforms like mobile is on a path to become an enormous success. We're thrilled to see the early success of KartRider Rush+ as well as The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon, and by the end of this year, five of Nexon's biggest franchises will be available as PC-quality mobile games. This includes MapleStory M, KartRider Rush+, The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon, EA SPORTS™ FIFA MOBILE and the new mobile game of our massively popular franchise – Mobile Dungeon&Fighter."

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