What impact could in-game advertising have on your studio?

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What impact could in-game advertising have on your studio?

The potential for ‘in-game’ advertising is growing for developers and publishers of all sizes. As the focus on hybrid monetisation grows, what are the opportunities for your studio? and Anzu are bringing together some of the world’s leading experts on in-game ads, to discuss the impact of in-game advertising on every studio, as the global economic turmoil continues.

In a brand new live online webinar, to run from 5PM GMT on Tuesday 6th December, and Anzu welcome leaders from Wildlife Studios and Unity, exploring the use of the technology, as well as practical hands-on case studies.

It’s free to attend the webinar, but space is limited, so [early registration] is recommended.

  • The panel will discuss topics including:
  • Why is in-game advertising gaining so much momentum?
  • What recent changes have driven the uptake of in-game ads?
  • Why are an increasing number of developers and publishers making use of in-game ads?
  • What impact have in-game ads had on Wildlife Studio’s breakout hit mobile title Tennis Clash?
  • Advice on getting started, along with tips on how to get the most out of the ads


Participants in the panel include some of the mobile games sector's top business leaders, technology and advertising experts:

  • Lev Kommisarchik, Anzu’s vice president of mobile games and publisher services
  • Barak Shaked, the director of product at Wildlife Studios, creator of Tennis Clash
  • Cathal O’Sullivan, the senior client partner for Monetisation in Europe, the middle East and Africa (EMEA) with Unity Technologies

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