Krafton plans franchise expansion and graphic improvements for PUBG

The publisher intends to expand its IP by introducing a new range of genres, platforms, play modes and graphic enhancements

Krafton plans franchise expansion and graphic improvements for PUBG

South Korean video game publisher Krafton is getting set to further grow its biggest mobile title, PUBG, as it plans “incremental updates" that'll sustain and expand the popular battle royale game.

As reported by TechCrunch, Krafton intends to expand its IP by introducing a varied range of genres, platforms, and play modes, according to statements from investment bank Goldman Sachs. Also, a significant graphics enhancement is in progress, with the publisher set to implement Unreal Engine 5 for a comprehensive overhaul in PUBG 2.0.

While PUBG's current version uses a customised version of Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5 presents developers with notable advancements, enabling enhanced realism and immersion without compromising performance efficiency.

Going the UE5 way

Industry experts have also affirmed that Unreal Engine 5 will provide streamlined tools for crafting cutting-edge visual effects and audio, optimising workflows not only in gaming but also across various applications. Speaking to TechCrunch, Krafton acknowledged that it is exploring “various initiatives," which may involve utilising Unreal Engine 5 to ensure the “sustainable growth of the PUBG: Battlegrounds IP".

Goldman Sachs also forecasted a positive future for PUBG's PC and mobile applications, along with India's BGMI. Following the latest update, known as Rondo in December 2023, PUBG PC achieved a peak concurrency of 600,000 users.

“We observe BGMI maintaining its #1 position in gross ranking, which we interpret as users starting to believe in a ‘full return of BGMI.’ As Krafton increases investment in the local market (e.g., esports event, localized promotions), we believe BGMI should continue posting robust revenues, and hence we bake in 2023E/24E/25E revenue of W77bn/W152bn/W157bn (6%/11%/12% of mobile revenue; reflecting BGMI unban),” wrote Goldman Sachs.

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