Glu is the foreign company that's big in China, says CEO

It already ranks #2 behind the US

Glu is the foreign company that's big in China, says CEO

Plenty of western mobile games have been successful in China.

As with everywhere else in the world, Clash of Clans is currently riding high in the top grossing iOS charts.

Meanwhile titles such as Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies 2 are also star performers; a position they've gained as their developers are working closely with specialist Chinese publishers such as iDreamsky and Yodo1.

But there are some international companies - not just individual games - that are also doing the business. 

Slow train coming

One thing often forgotten about Glu Mobile is that it's had an operation in China since its 2007 acquisition of MIG; a deal which at the time caused all manner of financial issues.

Now, however, looking at its recent financials, it's clear how important the region is to the company's future.

Starting in early 2012, the APAC/China region has been a key growth area for Glu, particularly as North America revenue have declined. It now accounts for around a third of revenues - much more than Europe.

It's perhaps easier to see to this in the following graph, which breaks out the regions in terms of their percent of sales. (I've removed all the other regions for clarity.)

Of course, given the growth of the Korean, Japanese and Chinese mobile games markets over the past 18 months, perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise.

But according to Glu's CEO Niccolo de Masi, China is already the company's second largest market after the US, and followed by Korea.

"Glu is the 'foreign company' that is big in China," he says.

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