GungHo and Rovio plan two week Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons crossover

When worlds collide

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October 16th, 2014 partnership GungHo Online Entertainment
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GungHo and Rovio plan two week Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons crossover

Japanese developer GungHo Online has announced that from 20 October to 2 November its mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons will feature several crossovers with Rovio's globally recognised Angry Birds series.

During the event Puzzle & Dragons players will be able to battle their way through a brand new dungeon featuring characters and monsters from Angry Birds Epic.

Players will be able to fight and collect fantasy-themed versions of their favourite Angry Birds characters, while those who missed out on the original Angry Birds collaboration will be able to turn back the clock and capture classic versions of Rovio's famous birds.

Match made in heaven

Angry Birds Epic players will also be able to get in on the franchise-switching action.

Those playing Rovio's RPG will be able to experience a brand new Puzzle & Dragons themed level, where they can battle popular Puzzle & Dragons characters such as Tyrannos, Baddie, and Tamadra.

Both Rovio and GungHo will be hoping that the event can breathe even more life into franchises that continue to dominate the mobile landscape.

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