China joy: Tencent's daily app downloads pass 100 million

Jump 33 percent since July

China joy: Tencent's daily app downloads pass 100 million

Chinese communications giant Tencent has revealed that daily app downloads made through its app platform have surpassed 100 million.

That represents a jump in daily downloads of almost 33 percent since Tencent last released figures publicly back in July 2014. Then the firm claimed it boasted 76 million downloads a day.

Game on

This figure, of course, relates to more than games, with Tencent revealing that the number includes app downloads from across the spectrum, both from its chat platform WeChat and the Myapp app store.

However, the company's dominance in the mobile games market remains monopolistic with iResearch pointing out that over the past three months, it had between 5 and 6 games in the iOS top grossing charts and 15-18 in the top 100. 

In August 2014, Tencent posted a 7 percent jump in revenues quarter-on-quarter, up to $3.2 billion based on unaudited figugres, with games accounting for well over half - $1.8 billion, itself up 7 percent.

"Given we have already achieved substantial revenue from smartphone games in the first half of 2014, we intend to prioritise user engagement and game portfolio expansion over revenue growth during the second half of this year," the firm said at the time.

"Consequently, it is possible that our smartphone games revenues for each of the coming two quarters would be broadly stable as compared to the level for the second quarter of 2014."

[source: Marbridge Consulting]

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