Mixi hooks up with Facebook for US marketing push for a localised Monster Strike

8 videos for 8 player segments

Mixi hooks up with Facebook for US marketing push for a localised Monster Strike

Although Mixi's Monster Strike has been out in the US for over a year, it looks like it's going to be pasted all over your Facebook newsfeed in the near future.

The #1 top grossing game in Japan has found it hard to gain traction in the States, with its iPhone grossing chart ranking currently around the #400 level.

Mixi hopes to change that and it's been working with Facebook's Creative Shop to ensure it gets its message across.

That message is all about the fun of "playing together in the same space with friends and family".

Indeed, Mixi is also redesigning the US version of the game to add local multiplayer features.

Big push

The move is just part of Mixi's US marketing mix for Monster Strike, which will span online and online marketing.

Online, eight different types of players will be targetted with unique video content for each segment.

"The project is very challenging. North America is an unknown market for us, but we are thrilled to be challenging new worlds," commented Mixi president Hiroki Morita.

"In addition, we believe that there are many things to learn and gain through this challenge. If we can show the fun of playing together with everyone, we could see a new horizon of Monster Strike, so we are very much looking forward to starting this."

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