Taptica partners with Adways to target Asian mobile gamers

Part of an Asian shift

Taptica partners with Adways to target Asian mobile gamers

Consolidation and integration are all over the ad tech industry as companies scramble for effective global scale.

That's the background on the news that mobile ad platform Taptica has partnered up with Adways Korea to drive access to the fast-growing Asian market.

Adways has 11 offices throughout Asia and a strong reach within the mobile game ecosystem. 

Going global

The move is one part of Taptica's current APAC shift.

It recently opened an office in Seoul to go alongside the Tel Aviv-headquartered outfit's offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston and Beijing.

"We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Adways, the undisputed leader in the Asian mobile marketing space," said Hoon Lee, who's General Manager of Taptica operations in Korea.

"Together, we aim to serve the rapidly-growing Korean mobile app business and lead the market expansion.

"We believe that the Asia-Pacific region, facilitated by this partnership, will be a significant contributor to Taptica's 2017 revenues."

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