Fortnite Mobile has five times the revenue of PUBG but half the downloads

Fortnite made $92 million revenue in the 11 weeks ending on June 18th, compared to PUBG’s $19 million

Fortnite Mobile has five times the revenue of PUBG but half the downloads

Epic Games’ mobile port of Fortnite has pulled in five times the revenue of rival PUBG Mobile despite racking up half as many weekly downloads.

That comes from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which released the figures to Bloomberg. Fortnite has made $92 million in revenue for the 11 weeks ending on June 18th, while PUBG generated around $19 million for the same period.

Business has been picking up recently for PUBG Mobile following the introduction of the Battle Pass. As previously reported, revenues soared 365 per cent in the first week of its debut.

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Regarding downloads, PUBG peaked at 23.3 million downloads during its first weeks on mobile compared to the 3.4 million that Fortnite brought in.

It should be noted, however, that PUBG is available to download on Android, unlike Fortnite which will launch sometime in the summer.

While the figures don't include China, a notable effect of Fortnite’s absence on Android is reflected by its weaker showing in Asia. Instead, the US proves to be Fortnite’s most active region as it provides nearly two-thirds of its gross revenue to date.

PUBG Mobile on the other-hand has snagged roughly one-third of gross lifetime revenue from Asian territories, and one-third form the US.

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