How to get into Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong - free!

Four different ways for you to get involved with the leading B2B event for the mobile, blockchain and PC games industry this July without spending a buck

How to get into Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong - free!

The Connects international series heads to the East for the first time with Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong on July 17th and 18th - and you can get in without spending a thing.

Held at the illustrious Cyberport venue, 750 delegates from all over the world will gather for two days of networking sessions, conference tracks, pitching, investor panels and more! With all that going on, tickets cost hundreds of dollars, but there are four ways that students, indie developers and the media can get in free - what’s not to like about that?

1) Participate in the Big Indie Pitch

The Big Indie Pitch competitions have become an institution which allows independent developers to pitch their projects to a panel of expert judges. Each contestant has the opportunity of gaining valuable professional insight from the expert judges. Oh, and also have the chance to win a prize worth thousands of dollars. Find out more here.

2) Win expo space in the Big Indie Zone 

Don’t fancy joining in on the pitching? Don’t worry, you could still enter the show floor and showcase your work to hundreds of game industry professionals.

We’re giving away some space on the expo floor to a select few indie devs - complete with free entry to the show. Sounds tempting? Get in here!

3) Work in the media

Want to cover the event for breaking news, feature research and in-person interviews? We’d love for you to come! All we ask is that you let your audience know in advance that you’ll be there. And if you share this registration link and encourage them to come along and meet you in person, we might even get you access to the exclusive VIP area. Apply for accreditation here.

4) Volunteer to work at the show

Running an event like Pocket Gamer Connects is no easy task, it takes a small army of people behind the scenes and in return for their hard work and valuable time, every one of them gets a free pass to the world’s leading mobile games industry event.

Whether you’re studying event management in college, started being a runner for a start-up studio or want to meet the people behind your favourite game, signing up as a volunteer grants you access to Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects. You can apply here.

Four options, one choice

The choice is yours out of four options for you to get into the leading B2B games industry event completely free of charge. All you have to do is choose which works best for you!

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