Nintendo Switch owners are suffering Joy-Con drift issues

This follows Joy-Con desyncing fault near consoles launch

Nintendo Switch owners are suffering Joy-Con drift issues

Reports have emerged that Nintendo Switch owners are suffering Joy-Con drift issues with the detachable controllers.

As brought to light by Kotaku, a quarter of staff at the firm now claim to be suffering from the fault that sees the controller's joystick move on its accord, with camera control seemingly most affected by this.

Others have also now spoken out about the same issue, showing that the issue could be more widespread than initially thought. Many of these claim to have only purchased a Switch a few months prior. 

A Reddit thread has seen over 1,100 comments of people sharing details of the unwanted drifting issues. Users noted that while Nintendo offers to repair the problem for $4 of shipping in parts of the US, those in Canada have to spend around $30 to fix it.


The Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and initially suffered a separate defect that made Joy-Cons - specifically the left controller - desync from the console. Nintendo investigated the issue and claimed that wireless interference was the cause of the issue. has reached out to Nintendo for comment regarding the controller problem.

Nintendo recently revealed a new Switch model that will arrive with an extended battery life. It’s however unclear if the new version will prevent Joy-Con drift.

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