Pokemon Masters raked in $26 million from first week

Title surpassed 10 million downloads in less than four days

Pokemon Masters raked in $26 million from first week

Pokemon Masters has generated an estimated $26 million in revenue from its first week, according to Sensor Tower data.

The free-to-play mobile title developed by DeNA (and Nintendo) earned $16 million from users in Japan; 62 per cent of the overall total.

The US brought in approximately $4.5 million or close to 17 per cent. Players in Hong Kong, Taiwan and France made up the remaining top five markets.

The majority of spending originated from the App Store at 72 per cent, while Google Play picked up the remaining 28 per cent.

Pokemon Masters was confirmed to be off to a strong start when more than 10 million players globally installed in its first four days.

Second best launch

This figure now confirms that Pokemon Masters achieved the franchise’s second best launch on the platform after Pokemon Go, which brought in more than double at $56 million during the first seven days.

This data swings heavily in favour with Pokemon Go when you consider that the worldwide catch ‘em all was only launched in five territories at the time, whereas Pokemon Masters was made available in more than 60 markets from the start.

Niantic’s Pokemon Go interestingly just earned its best month for revenue in three years.

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