Com2uS acquires online Go service Tygem

"Go is a representative brain game that requires a high level of concentration and numeracy"

Date Type Companies involved Size
July 1st, 2020 acquisition Com2uS Not disclosed
Com2uS acquires online Go service Tygem

Mobile games firm Com2uS has acquired 86 per cent of Dongyang Online for an undisclosed fee.

Dongyang runs the online Go service Tygem, which was started in 2001 and is popular among Go players in Korea. The service has been credited with the best representation of skills among amateur players.

"Go is a representative brain game that requires a high level of concentration and numeracy, and is recognized as a globally recognized mind sport that is adopted as an official part of the Asian Games," said Com2uS (via Google Translate).

With this acquisition, Com2uS plans to take its knowledge of the modern games industry to create a new direction for the market. To achieve this, the company has integrated new technologies with a focus on games development and artificial intelligence.

"We are strengthening the service by integrating new technologies such as various game development and artificial intelligence (AI) and strengthening the mobile sector, and strengthening overseas services of Tygem by adding Com2us' global service capabilities," said Com2uS.

"Go tournaments and relay services will also be developed further based on synergy with Comtus' global esports know-how."

Bright future

Com2uS will continue to make strategic acquisitions for firms it believes has potential, both locally and internationally. Earlier this year, the South Korean game's publisher announced it was working on a new The Walking Dead title.

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