PlayX4 Online emerges as alternative event for global business

South Korea's leading business-to-business games event found success with its first online only conference

PlayX4 Online emerges as alternative event for global business

The 2021 PlayX4 Online business-to-business (B2B) export conference concluded its five-day schedule, which ran from May 10th to May 14th.

The event drew in 142 South Korean game development companies and 187 global game publishers from 29 countries. Post-event evaluation concluded that it provided a high-level B2B export consultation by providing 24-hour non-face-to-face video service and interpretation in light of the global coronavirus situation.

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the value of this year's PlayX4 and the new digital format.

Many of the key trends within the global games industry were confirmed through the PlayX4 event.

Platform Convergence

The number of crossover game launches that are compatible with smartphone hardware specifications and the 5G communication environment has grown. As games such as first-person shooters (FPS) and virtual reality (VR) - which were previously only playable on high-end PCs - are released on mobile platforms, the boundaries between platforms based on game genres are gradually disappearing.

Growing Global Collaboration

Previously, a single game publisher handled a developer's game and released it in a single country, but in recent years, there have been many cases of global collaboration in which multiple companies - including game publishers - collaborate to release a game in multiple countries at the same time. This more comprehensive approach is capable of producing successful high-quality games.

The 2021 PlayX4 online event highlighted a new direction for global business as the coronavirus situation continues to make international travel and events challenging.

The event made an impact on the global game industry by demonstrating stable operation and participation from a variety of international game companies.

Finally, PlayX4 would like to highlight some games that have attracted the interest of European corporations at the event.

Image credit: The Balance

Global game service platform

Developer: The Balance

As a South Korean mobile and Nintendo Switch game publisher, The Balance is targeting approximately 100 third-party markets worldwide, as well as the Asian market. The latter has an appealing but high barrier to entry and strives for win-win growth with approximately 350 leading indie developers worldwide.

There are currently about 500 titles being serviced, with Dead Cells, Cut the Rope, Doodle God and many others, in particular, being serviced in the Asian market

Image credit: Loadstars

Fated Alive

Developer: Loadstars

Fated Alive is a rogue-like genre based on graphics that express the bleak worldview of zombie post-apocalypse that has featured a unique combination of three elements, including light note-touch battles, a judgment-and-choice scenario and a survival mode in which the player chooses three cards. This game is distinguished by its distinct gameplay, which requires the player to properly combine without fail.

Image credit: Billionaire Games

Idle Defense Arena

Developer: Billionaire Games

Idle Defense Arena by Billionaire Games is a casual role-playing genre that combines defence based on collectable RPGs. What distinguishes this game from others is the story of various monsters defending the devil and fighting the warrior, rather than the setting in which the hero defeats the enemy.

As a result, it improves the game's immersion. The advantages of this game are that it reduces the stress of complicated operations while increasing the fun of growth and adventure, allowing anyone to play it comfortably. Cute-looking characters combined with high-quality illustrations pique the user's desire to collect and it boasts simple gameplay that anyone can enjoy.

Furthermore, rogue-like elements with varying difficulties are added to the dungeon play, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of attacking in your own style. Now, let's go to the Idle Defense Arena, where you can enjoy both endless growth and strategic fun at the same time.

Image credit: 2HK Soft

Tap To Galaxy

Developer : 2HK Soft

Tap To Galaxy is a mobile Sci-Fi RPG by 2HK Soft for Google Play. Tap to Galaxy doesn’t follow other mobile game systems like typical items and game contents, but uses the Tap Random RPG system based on space flight games. Users can get special and exclusive items from gameplay.

Image credit: Tentuplay

Tentuplay Personalise Offers, Maximise Revenue

Developer: Tentuplay

Tentuplay is artificial intelligence (AI) driven lifetime value (LTV) acceleration service that optimises player experience through personalisation. By targeting distinct in-game behaviour, Tentuplay guides each player on a specific, segmented journey to make better purchases and stay engaged.

Image credit: The Bricks

30 Days

Developer: The Bricks

30 Days, which is being developed by The Bricks, is a story-based adventure game with the protagonist serving as the secretary of Royal Gosiwon Dormitory for 30 days to prevent the suicide of a student preparing for the national public official’s exam.

The unusual subject and story of the game create plenty of buy-in from users. But most importantly, 30 Days has a wide variety of unpredictable endings that users have the freedom to choose from. 

AR Fanta Play

Image credit: Cellbig

Developer: Cellbig

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for alternative ways to entertain themselves and play games. People may not visit or enjoy theme parks, amusement parks and arcades to avoid physical contact. Fanta Play creator Cellbig, couldn’t avoid the COVID-19 impact upon the entertainment industry.

Fanta Play was created following requests from overseas theme parks. Fanta Play consists of four categories and 28 contents. We would like to recommend Cellbig's new AR game to everyone and let the game industry be prepared to survive and be profitable after COVID-19.

Image credit: Rabbithole Games


Developer : Rabbithole Games

ReRoad from Rabbithole Games is already popular with Steam Early Access users. Users can now experience a new tower defence game. ReRoad is not like any other tower defence games. Towers may have been placed in set locations but users need to make their own paths.

Towers can be used differently and it may depend on drones. Tower enhancement and inventions are randomly created, so users can play differently at each stage. We can’t wait to launch the complete version.

Image credit: STI

L-Bike (L-SA/L-Bik)

Developer : STI

A motion simulation developer, STI developed a new bike simulator called L-Bike. The bike motion simulator L-SA and the indoor health bike L-Bik will be announced at PlayX4 2021.

STI also announced a single handlebar angle for road cycles, hybrids and mountain bikes, as well as a saddle method that is divided into standing and sitting positions, making it easy and free to maintain the most similar posture to a real bicycle. You can maximise the effect of exercise by accessing online riding programs such as Zwift or use the remote controller to ERG or SIM for personal exercise and check your data.

These are the first wooden bike motion simulators in Asia, and the second in the world. We see how much STI cares about nature from their eco-friendly products.

Image credit: Banco

Action Golf

Developer: Banco

Action Golf, a home screen golf game for entertainment and practicality, was shown at PlayX4 2021. You can play Action Golf anywhere with your smartphone when you connect with an actual game simulation golf club. You can connect to a TV or a projector to have better visuals on a larger screen.

Avid golfers will love this game as it analyses your swing and trajectory. You can compare your skills to professional golfers and see how you stand on your golf skill. You can play an immersive 3D golf game with other players online. Multiplayer mode is available too. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.