Exclusive industry interviews from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

Hear from the industry leaders, professionals, and pioneers across the global mobile games market about the latest trends, case studies, best practice, and business opportunities

Exclusive industry interviews from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

At this year's Pocket Gamer Connect, HyprMX, the all-brand ad network, partnered with the PocketGamer.biz team to speak to some of the key business leaders, thought leaders, and pioneers in the rapidly evolving global mobile market, for a series of exclusive for one-to-one interviews.

The guests shared insights on the topics relevant to the developers, publishers and companies working in today's ever more competitive games ecosystem. 

The line-up includes guests from companies across the whole mobile games market, including: AppQuantum, TapNation, BoomHit, YAHAHA, Kongregate, Stillfront Group, Huuuge Games, Homa Games, Turborilla, GAMEE, Tripledot Studios, By Aliens, Tamalaki, Interact (by Playstack)

Topics include:

  • Response to recent industry consolidation
  • The pros and cons of in-app bidding
  • Up-and-coming ad formats like in-play and audio
  • Web 3.0 and the future of the metaverse
  • The role of data throughout the life of a successful game
  • Brand advertising and the role of brands in mobile
  • Blockchain games, crypto, and the rise of the NFT
  • How developers can catch publishers’ attention
  • Up-and-coming monetisation trends in 2022 and beyond

Click through below and hear from those working at the cutting edge of mobile games at the world's leading mobile games event.

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  • 1 AppQuantum

    AppQuantum logo

    AppQuantum's business development manager, Victoria Beliaeva, talks to Eric from HyprMx about the company's approach to publishing, the 'secret sauce' it looks for from games - and development teams.

  • 2 TapNation

    TapNation logo

    Vincent Fevrier, the head of monetisation at TapNation, talks to the HyprMX team about the company's growth and success since it was founded in 2019, and the ongoing success - and challenges - of the hypercasual market.

  • 3 BoomHits

    BoomHits logo

    Jon Hook, the CEO of BoomHits, speaks to Eric about his journey in mobile gaming and BoomHits' focus on bridging the gap between publishers and venture capital.

  • 4 Yahaha Studios

    Yahaha Studios logo

    Patty Toledo, director of creative relations with YAHAHA, discusses the growth of the metaverse, the value of user generated content and the company's 'no code' approach to creation.

  • 5 Kongregate

    Kongregate logo

    Kongregate's CEO Markus Lipp talks to HyprMX about the company's evolution from an online games platform to a full-blown publisher and the growing value of blockchain to the global games market.

  • 6 Stillfront Group

    Stillfront Group logo

    Marina Anderson, the head of M&A with the Stillfront Group, outlines the key requirements in the mergers and acquisition process, the culture at Stillfront group, and the company's plans for the future.

  • 7 Huuuge Games

    Huuuge Games logo

    Huuuge Games executive vice president of strategy and investment, Jon Bellamy, discusses his background in investment and M&A, as well as the company's focus on diversification moving forward.

  • 8 Homa

    Homa logo

    Janette D'Alessio, head of business development at Homa Games, talks about the company's experience in hypercasual and the genres it is moving into in the future, such as hybrid-casual and casual games.

  • 9 Turborilla

    Turborilla logo

    Turborilla's chief marketing officer, Bryan Stealey, talks to HyperMX about his unique journey into the world of games, and how companies can keep their intellectual property (IP) fresh and compelling.

  • 10 Gamee

    Gamee logo

    Bozena Rezab, the co-founder and CEO of GAMEE, explores the new 'play-to-earn' genre of gaming and where the company believes blockchain can change the global games ecosystem.

  • 11 Tripledot Studios

    Tripledot Studios logo

    Akin Babayigit, co-founder and chief operating officer of Tripledot Studios, talks to HyprMX about the founding of the studio and where M&A fits into the company's plans for the future.

  • 12 By Aliens

    By Aliens logo

    Cayan Appel, co-founder, COO, and CFO at By Aliens, discusses the foundation of the studio, it's relationship with Space Sheep, and the role of NFTs in the future of games.

  • 13 Tamalaki

    Tamalaki logo

    Martine Spaans, the head of business development for FGL and owner of Tamalaki, outlines her experience in the casual games market and the secret of success through 'innovation, but not too much'.

  • 14 Interact by Playstack

    Interact by Playstack logo

    Peter Griffin, the vice president of partnerships at Interact (by Playstack), discusses his love for board games, what the mobile games sector can learn from them and how the company is working with brands within games.

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