CrazyLabs partners with Huawei to bring four new games to AppGallery

The move follows the success of previous titles added to the marketplace

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July 9th, 2021 partnership CrazyLabs
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CrazyLabs partners with Huawei to bring four new games to AppGallery

Hypercasual mobile games developer CrazyLabs has made four new titles available via Huawei’sAppGallery.

Based in Israel, CrazyLabs has offices in Turkey, India, Serbia, Poland and South Africa. The four titles just added are simulation games Acrylic Nails, Tie Dye and Phone Case DIY, along with the action arcade game Light-It Up.

The move follows the success of five other CrazyLabs titles being released on AppGallery in October last year. These titles included Coin Rush, Run Sausage Run, Dentist Bling, ASMR Slicing and Soap Cutting.

Huawei’s AppGallery boasts over 540 million active monthly users, according to the company.

"Healthy competition"

"Some of the hottest gaming companies in the world are eyeing AppGallery and seeing the potential it offers to reach millions of previously untapped consumers," said Huawei senior manager of business development and partnerships Elliot Hollander.

"We are seeing a consistent interest in ensuring that popular games are available to Huawei users. The ease with which developers can do this in partnership with us on AppGallery only makes the process easier."

CrazyLabs vice president of games and operations Michal Issachary added: "We see this as a long-term partnership in which we can grow our customer base now that AppGallery draws more and more users."

"We have been impressed by the commitment shown by Huawei to releasing our games, and the support we have been given. It’s good to have another solid app distribution channel, which exposes us to new gamers and creates healthy competition in the market."

CrazyLabs has surpassed over four billion downloads across its portfolio which span an array of app marketplaces.

Keeping with hypercasual, it was recently reported that over one billion mobile games were downloaded per week in Q1 2021 with the genre accounting for a good size of that number.

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