Developers discuss the best business practices for indies

Make a good game, and market it well

Developers discuss the best business practices for indies

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, Oscar Clark, a consultant at Unity Technologies, led a panel on the best business practices for indie developers.

Clark was joined by Abhinav Sarangi, co-founder of All in a Days Play; Chirag Chopra, founder of Lucid Labs; and Mandar Shinde, VP of Product – Adtech at Personagraph.

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Sarangi was keen to cement the idea of making people aware of the game early, saying that "marketing does not start when the game ends, marketing starts before the game starts."

But Chopra pointed out that "marketing helps you if you have a good product", and suggested that developers need to focus on making the best game possible before spending time advertising it.

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