Adways partners with Singapore publisher Quest Drop to support games in Southeast Asia

Singaporean publisher and Japanese ad network join forces

Date Type Companies involved Size
January 27th, 2016 partnership Adways
Quest Drop
Not disclosed
Adways partners with Singapore publisher Quest Drop to support games in Southeast Asia

Adways, the Tokyo-based digital advertising network, has committed itself to supporting the growth of the Southeast Asian games industry by partnering with Singaporean publisher Quest Drop.

The deal also saw Adways investing in Daylight Studios, a Singapore-based development firm of which Quest Drop is a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Looking out to SEA

Quest Drop offers a suite of service to support publishing in Southeast Asia including localisation, device and user testing, live ops, community management and local marketing.

Acquiring key partners such as Adways is a key part of Quest Drop's strategy, as it expands throughout Southeast Asia with the recent opening of its Bangkok office. Further offices in Vietnam and Indonesia are next on the cards, too.

As for the specifics of the Adways-Quest Drop partnership, the two companies will be working together to develop new advertising products and services.

“This partnership between Adways and Quest Drop marks the beginning of a stronger and more robust offering of publishing support for all publishers in the SEA region,” said Quest Drop CEO Don Sim.

Nobuyoshi Noda, head of global business at Adways, is similarly optimistic: “By combining our online marketing services and Quest Drop's end to end publishing services, we believe we can strongly support more mobile game developers to enter SEA markets."

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