Shop Heroes dev Cloudcade opens games studio in Pakistan

Shop Heroes developer plans to invest in Pakistan as a new technology hub through the new location

Shop Heroes dev Cloudcade opens games studio in Pakistan

Californian mobile developer Cloudcade has expanded with a new studio in Pakistan.

As reported by Venturebeat, the Shop Heroes developer is opening a new location in the city of Lahore and will invest $6 million in the studio over three years.

Caramel Tech co-founder Ammar Zaeem will head the 50-strong office, making it the largest games studio in Pakistan.

This marks an investment in Pakistan as a tech hub, as well as strengthening Cloudcade’s presence in that region. On top of running the Lahore studio, Zaeem will act as Cloudcade’s president of studios in South Asia.

Setting up

“We’re thrilled to welcome Ammar and the entire Pakistan team to the Cloudcade family,” said Cloudcade North American studio president Jeffery Kong.

“We’ve had a great relationship working together on multiple key projects, and they’ve proven themselves as capable and thoughtful partners.”

Zaeem added: “It’s important for the US company to get access to good talent. Cloudcade is committing to spend a lot of money in our country.

“In the long run, this will make things happen for a lot of people. In the long run, work-for-hire doesn’t get you to where you want to be. I thought this would make more sense for us.”

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