Pixonic’s War Robots racks up $190m in revenue

The third-person shooter originally launched back in April 2014

Pixonic’s War Robots racks up $190m in revenue

Pixonic’s War Robots has generated more than $190 million in revenue across the iOS App Store and Google Play.

According to Sensor Tower, the third-person shooter continues to take more than $7 million a month in player spending, despite releasing four years ago in April 2014.

For July War Robots took in around $7.5 million in player spending, which was a year-on-year increase of about four per cent.

The lion’s share of the monthly revenue came from the US with 43 per cent while Japan put up the second most with 11 per cent.

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The monthly sum of revenue also put War Robots at 127th on the mobile global revenue chart. The chart placing, however, is a dip from the games high point of 56th in September 2017 when it brought in more than $12 million.

War Robots was also singled out for praise in Mail.Ru's recent financial report for its online games arm, of which the game is included. The company saw revenues increase by 45 per cent year-on-year to $89.6 million for the three months ending June 30th 2018.

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Al Simpson
There is so much discontent amongst players towards pixonics skyrocketing economy pay to win and matchmaking. Players are leaving the game fed up with pixonics greedy ambition
Chris Moon
Not familiar with War Robots but my son plays it. He made an in-app $40 purchase for a new robot and after 2 weeks still have not received it. Even after showing my receipt to their help desk desk, they do nothing. Stumbled on this article trying to research this company more. Now it makes sense what their business model is. Reading the other comments about the up selling and money hungry tactics, stiffing you is not that far from that!
Rudy Cornejo Electrician
I really enjoy playing War Robots and God & Pixonic only know how much I have spend. Is 36 million in silver to upgrade my lvl 9 spectre to a level 10 with a waiting period of 30 days. WTF?? I could die and never see my upgrade I payed for. Pixonic needs stop beating the bush and reward pilots who have spend at least $500 usa dollars or more with a mk12 robot loaded mk12 updated newer weapons, depending the amount each pilot has spend the better of choices in weaponry for the MK12 robots. I know I have spend close to $1,000. I plan to spend more because I enjoy playing this game. I play on android platform i.d #XN65A1✌
CGIFurniture CGIFurniture designer at CGIFurniture
Thanks for sharing!
Sylvain Audet
Very bad matchmaking, Probably the worst I have experienced in all the games I have ever played. The players are matched totally disregarding their robot power, even worst, in league play you are severely punished for loosing even when you are outmatched. could be a very good game, but it is not.
Nayef Alqahtani TSE at SGS
the game return to generat more money and loosing the players along with Pixo startgy, that is killing the game atmosfar and spirt, and they wouldn`t leaon to players at all, they are pumping the game with alot of products in short time where everyone are confused to manage the items, clearlly they are pushing all to use the product with is not enght for 1 product.
i think near futur there will be bad news from players as we notice there are so many stopped playing.
Normy Haddad
You know, this is actually really funny. Anybody who plays the game knows that it is all about pay to win. It is more extreme that notorious pay to win companies, competing with supercell and even EA. They claim to listen to our feedback, when in reality, money is all they listen to.